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    please can someone tell me why my blog doesn’t appear in the google search?

    Thank you



    Have you submitted it to Google?

    Its probably because you have no inbound links to your blog that have been picked up by search engines. I only see one inbound link to it and that’s from an MSN search. It’s coming from a single tag on one of your posts.

    You may want to try improving how you do your categories and tags. Fox example, this post here could be tagged for Athens, Music, and I’m sure for other subjects.

    There are a lot more ideas you can try but I would be repeating myself. Please go a search for ‘Google’ here and at the FAQ blog as this has been covered many times before. You may also want to take some time looking thru this forum as there are a number of threads that covers how to get people to your blog which would help in this case as well.

    Good luck,



    Thank you so much for your help. I am new into this world of blogging and i need some help. Thank you for your immediate response. Greeitings from Athens

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