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    Hello there,

    When I do a Google search for my blog I come with a country name (Turkish) next to the blog title. I mainly write in English and my this is already set in my dashboard but is there any other setting I have to check. Why does Google treat my blog as Turkish?

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    I do not know what you have been searching to find your blog, but it seems as if “kaldirimlar” has a meaning in Turkish. According to Google it means “Sidewalks”. So perhaps this is way.

    When I did a quick search for your blog by typing in “kaldirimlar” I did not see any reference to Turkish at all…




    When I do a search of “kaldirimlar” in google I get this:

    kaldirimlar – Turkey
    kaldirimlar. daily pavement adventures, photoblog. Skip navigation. about · gear · links · archive …. Related articles. stepping stones in izmir ( …



    Since “kaldirimlar” translates to

    n. sidewalk, pavement, paving, walkway, footpath, footway

    in Turkish I except that Google is doing some automatic matching for you – not a real clue as to how to deal with that other than to say if someone is looking for your site by name you are at the top – most searches however are not on the name but on the content so I think it won’t hurt you much if any – maybe @raincoaster will wander by and have an opinion as she deals with search stuff all the time and has a great understanding of how things work there.

    Nice pictures



    Thanks a lot for the information!



    You be welcome & good luck



    I have had my wordpress website up for 3 days now….when I do a google search I can not find it……can some tell me why is that



    It takes time for Google and the other search engines to index your content. It can take weeks. The more content you create the more likely the content will appear in the SERPs sooner than later. Start by verifying your blog ownership and note the 10 factors that tend to expedite indexing.

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