Google Search impressions are laddering down for my wordpress blog

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    I posted to a google forum yesterday and received this response (in 2nd paragraph) as to why my 10 year old wordpress site is suddenly getting penalized in google search (my # of impressions is laddering down rapidly).

    Google forum response (from a top contributor) to why my #s are going down: “interlinking of this site with your other sites, as well as many other sites, with dofollow (rank-passing) links.”

    When I read your forum on dofollow, I found something from 2009 saying this is no longer important. Is that still true? Or should I go into every blog post, find every link, and make them all “rel=nofollow”?

    We have never seen anything like this drop in our 10 years of using wordpress. If you know of anything else going on that I should check, I would greatly appreciate it. We are going to be at zero impressions soon if this keeps up.

    Here is what we are seeing with impressions per day (peaks):
    until April 4th = 2,000
    April 4th – April 24th = 1,600 (3 weeks)
    April 25th – May 7th = 1,300 (2 weeks)
    May 8th – May 16th = 900 (1 week)
    May 17th = 700

    The blog I need help with is


    I am seeing the same drop after 7 years on WordPress. Very troubling.



    So are 36 million other people. Sometimes Google makes changes that help us, and sometimes they make changes that hurt us. That’s how it goes.



    With further research I believe that Penguin is penalizing my wordpress blog, as it links to my website and vice versa in many, many places. When we first set this up, we did this not to manipulate page rank, but rather to give our non-technical folks a way to contribute content. WordPress is still GREAT for that!

    I have found that putting in rel=”nofollow” in all my main page menu items, as well as each link in my blog articles, is helping my # of impressions to ladder back up. However, this is taking a long time, as there is no batch edit capability (I checked) and I have over 400+ articles from our 10 years.

    Too bad Google does not let me just notify them that my separate blog and website are all with the same company (as far as I can tell), so that I did not have to do these nofollows everywhere….

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