Google search only displaying forum if "wordpress" is added

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    I’ve got a wordpress account as Now my issue is that when in google search term I enter “” my blog is not displayed anywhere in the search results however when I enter “” my blog shows up in search.

    Can you please let me know what the issue could be?

    The blog I need help with is



    When did you buy the custom domain? It can often be several months before Google ranks your custom domain over the domain. Subdomains of huge domains like have more googlejuice than custom domains.


    Got it in late september. I upgraded a day or 2 after I got the wordpress domain. Basically i registered this new domain(techgadgetsandnews) via word press. Webmaster shows my site is being crawled and index.

    Someone told me I need to add meta tags which might be the reason.


    Do people search the full domain name like that? People usually search a word or phrase rather than a domain name.

    When I search “techgadgetsandnews”, I get the .com as one of the first results on both the “G” and Bing. I don’t see the wordpress listing at all.


    When you search techgadgetsandnews, If you see closely the result you are getting is techgadgetsnews and not techgadgetsANDnews(my blog)

    Bing and Yahoo are just fine. I get a few referrers from both these sites daily. Its google which is the issue :(

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