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Google Search Result Title Information (Vigilance Theme)

  1. Hey Folks,

    I use Vigilance theme and in Google search results, only my web page name shows up, and nothing to the right of it. I'm not sure what that's called.

    So if you Google "Follow My Film," the title of the result is simply "Follow My Film," then a description below. However, most search results have a vertical line after the title with additional info or an arrow ">" with additional info.

    Should I care about this? I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything....


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You haven't filled in the tagline under Settings->General. That's where the extra text comes from. Google can't read text in your header image; it needs to read the tagline from the tagline box.

  3. Sweet, thanks! I'll give that a shot....

  4. It may take Google a few weeks to update search results, but you'll see the change then.

  5. Thanks again. I'm just not sure I like the header appearing on my home page. That's probably why I didn't have a tagline to begin with. I incorporated it in my original header. Hum...

  6. As raincoaster pointed out search engine spiders cannot "read" the text in any images so including a tagline is the way to go. :)

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