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    When I search for something on Google (say, “spaghetti”), I noticed that some results feature a thumbnail (presumably a featured image) next to the post. Other results, like mine, are text/link only. Is there something I can do on a blog to “tell” Google to pick up a certain image or thumbnail to display alongside the specific post’s link when it shows up in search results?

    PS: If it helps, I am not referring to the Google+ Authorship thumbnails, but rather the attractive, descriptive images that would entice a searcher to click on one link as opposed to another.

    PPS: I completely understand if this would require a customized piece of code that could only be input on a site. Just wanted to cover all the bases before I write it off as something I just can’t do right now.

    Thank you in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you using keywords in your image metadata? By that I mean, are you using a descriptive title, alt text, and description for your images? That’s what Google uses to decide what it picks up.


    Hi Raincoaster! Thanks for the reply. I am only using alt text since it auto-populates from the captions. I will go through and fill in the title and description fields and see if I have any better luck!



    The reasoning behind dropping the title attribute and using only the ALT attribute is outlined here:

    Basically, we’re trying to improve accessibility and play nicely with screen readers.

    There is one more fix coming that will improve the alt-caption-title fallback when sending to the editor so that those who invested in title and left caption and alt blank will have their titles show in the alt attribute.

    US Federal Laws For Web Accessibility and Images – All images on commercial or government websites are required by law to feature alternative descriptions within their HTML image tag. Alternate text (ALT) attribute is for situations when an image cannot be loaded and also assists visually impaired people who use apps (screen readers) to read ALT attribute, so what’s in a picture is known. In WordPress, this is set in the ALT Text of the Attachment Details.

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