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google search showing deleted article by shibley rahman - needs removed NOW


    this negative, false and out of context url for his blog needs removed now!

    after searching my name I find - jamie glenday - the above return - it is false and deleted by the author but your archive continues to show it and it is capitalised - he needs warned and the content removed. this was a result of me trying to help him with letter to the BBC supporting his situation

    Many thanks,

    Jamie Glenday

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This site is not hosted by We have no control over what's displayed on Google search pages.

  3. google search showing deleted article. How to remove it?

  4. Google and Bing clear their caches of deleted indexed content about every 3 to 6 months and like I said above we have no control over that removal. Some other search engines never clear their caches of deleted indexed material.

  5. Thank you timethief

  6. I went to my own blog - changed the title and slug - all updated - why is this slug URL showing at all as the blog is deleted?

    I wrote the letter to support Dr Shibley Rahman ove rthe above now as google is to blame - despite being able to change a post myself that updated immediately on wordpress - Do you have any advice on way ahead or intend to follow up with Dr Rahman on this damaging post!

    WordPress has a dreadful rep for being closed - due to the open free speach agenda :) This is libelous and damaging falsehood - wordpress needs a more proactive approach to these situations - IN MY EXPERIENCE

  7. To report a site that you think violates our terms of service, please follow these instructions:

    Before reporting a site with this form please verify that the blog in question is hosted by Automattic. We have no control over blogs that say “Powered by” Those blogs use the open source WordPress software and are not hosted by us. Please contact the appropriate web host with complaints. We only host blogs that have “” in their URL or that say “powered by” on the site.

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