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Google+ section on homepage

  1. It looks like the new "Google+ section" mentioned on the support page about adding your Google+ Profile is only shown on single post pages although I configured all the other buttons (Like, Sharing) on Home-, Index and Archive pages.

    Is that on purpose or why can't the new section also at least be shown on the homepage?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Martin, I see what you mean about the Google+ section only appearing on single post pages. I'm checking with our team to see if it's possible to have it also appear in other places (such as your home page). I'll let you know what I find out!

  3. Thanks Rachel. :)

  4. It turns out that this is related to Google's requirements for Google+ integration. The Google+ section is only shown on single posts — we aren't able to add it to other pages.

  5. So it's on purpose. Thanks for investigating anyway. :)

    Maybe you should add this little info about the Google+ requirements to the support page I linked to above. Maybe in parentheses right behind "On single Post/Page views only (due to Google+ requirements)". Because right now you only read that it's only possible on single post pages but not why. Might prevent more questions. :)


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