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Google+ share not working on my posts

  1. Google+ share isn't working. I've made sure it's connected correctly, but whenever I try and post anything, the Google+ box in Publicize unchecks itself afterwards, leaving Facebook and Twitter working perfectly.

  2. Very interested in this post too.. Mine is the same and also you cannot go to an older post and click google+ to share. no options appear. :)

  3. Same. I tried to relink it ( unlinked it, went to the security options in my Google account and revoked WordPress ) and set it up, both on my own personal page and a secondary page I have set up to my account, but same result. No matter what, it just refuses to allow the sharing.

  4. ooh me to.. all that !!! I am hoping someone will see this post and have an awesome answer for us :) :)

  5. Are you signed in to G+ before you try to use it?

  6. Yes.

  7. yes. i was signed in and connected to both my normal account and also my page too

  8. Okay, you need to give me a link to a post where it is not working.

  9. Huh..not sure if it was just a temp. bug or something, but now it working for me. Posted 2 seperate posts, all the sharing options worked fine.

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