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    I am thinking of sending the rss to google sitemap. Google require an empty file to be placed on the domain to verify.
    Make a way to create this file?

    Is google sitemap necessary in the first place?
    I know some of the stats are nice.



    the sitemap is pretty new. it can’t hurt to use it at this point but it’s a tool for getting your site listed and ranked in the search engines. in this case google. there is a bit of a debate as to how much it helps a site and if google will keep permitting it to bump rankings (if it is) after they move it from “beta”.

    the idea is that it let’s you tell googlebot (or others using the same format)what pages you would like crawled and how you would list them in priority.
    say maybe your homepage and then you products page.




    Why Bloggers Dont Need SEO” – If you write a great blog, and make an effort to network your niche and gain those all important regular deep links to your posts from other bloggers, you’ll rank, your archives will be monetized, particularly if you pay attention to such things as Time Sensitive Adsense, and your blog will be in Better Health.

    As Andy has just pointed out, The Money’s in Your Archives, and for those archives to produce, they have to rank. So rather than arsing around with SEO, why not concentrate on what the pro-seo’s are concentrating on? Referal Traffic



    There are a number of plugins that create automatic sitemaps that can be used on WordPress. As per other topics here, maybe a suggestion to the admins via the feedback link on your dashboard would be helpful to you.

    But I’ve got to agree. Google will pick up on your incoming links. I would also suggest adding any links you can if you post at webforums and the like. Something like this for example.

    Hope this helps,



    Didn’t mean to turn this into an SEO advice post. :)



    As far as I’m concerned, Google sitemaps were designed with SEO in mind. No offense is intended though.

    I do webhosting with 1700 clients. I don’t do SEO offically but I have picked up things over the years.

    I would just go with proper labels for your posts and categories. That would be a big help for search engines.




    How can I have a site map created and installed in my blog? drmike refers to automatic site map generators that can be used on WordPress blogs. Also will the site map pick up on the “pages” as long as the pages are linked to the posts?

    Oh, my blog is new, has no depth and no audience that I can tell however this is a tool that I would like to use now and in the future.

    Thanks for all guidance. Have a wonderful day.



    This is the Sitemap Generator we use on blogs hosted on domains.

    I think it would be a great idea for to add this plugin as an option or as a standard part of the istall here.

    Also very important would be the ability to copy and paste the verification number from the Google sitemap verifier and to have that inserted into the main page of a blog in the header.

    If you can’t verify your sitemap, it does very little good.

    Another item of use for this would be the ability to verify a Yahoo site ownership.

    Yahoo claims that they fixed that problem but it does not work for blogs.

    Generation of urllist.txt automatically for Yahoo would also be a great addition.

    I have one blog I was looking at last week with about 300 posts and Yahoo was only able to find 10 of them without the urllist.txt … Google was only able to find about 50 of them without the sitemap.xml.

    Maybe the spiders get tired?



    Thank you for the link and your comments. Poetic avatar photo. I like it. I was going to ask about “xml” , too. But I’ll ferret out the answer or ask the question another day. Everyone is so helpful here. Thanks, again.



    And as google and yahoo can check for a META Value, should not be so much problem add it ;-) I would like to verify the ownership of my blog so I can see many other details with the crawl (at least with google) like 404 errors and all my incomming links,



    The two verification codes (one for google, one for Yahoo) could be stored just like your Akismet code is stored and used to add the meta code to the front page.

    if ( is_home() )

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