Google Tool Bar in SeaMonkey

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    I am using the newest Sea Monkey version 1.1.13 and I am considering downloading the Google tool bar. From the research that I have done the Google tool bar has some script issues and bugs, which affect online browsing, ect. I have also read that the Google tool bar gives Google the permission and ability to gather data per our online searches and browsing. I have done some research in the faq’s and the forums, but I have not been able to answer my gain the clarity that I am seeking.

    I am not sure if I would be opening the proverbial can of worms by downloading the Google tool bar. Could someone be so kind as to give me some clarity.

    Thank you for your time and kindness.



    Probably best to ask over in the Mozilla support forums for seamonkey (mozilla project) or Google for the Tool Bar.

    (WP isn’t controlling the Internet, yet…) ;)

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