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    I recently gave Google’s Translation Toolkit a try by translating a support page.

    The html code of the support pages (the only source we have) contains a lot of markup (e.g. Table of content, menus, forms, Polldaddy, …). This makes it a difficult job, as it requires a lot of clean-up work before I can paste the finished translation into WordPress.

    I’ve asked myself, if it would be possible to provide the ‘raw text’ of any support page to translators. I’m talking about the text which is displayed in the editor before things like the table of contents is added. What about a “Download” button similar to the one on Maybe based on a user role? In this way only certain people would see it. *justbrainstorming*


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Martin, thanks for the idea. I’m passing it along to our Translations team to see what they think.

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