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Google verification

  1. I can't seem to get my site verified on Google Webmaster. I have followed directions in the alternate, HTML and entered the content code into my googlemaster slot in available tools, but it will not verify.

    I am not sure how to find the HTML page in my blog, and when they say upload the meta tag I guess I don't know how to do that.

    Spent the afternoon and have been completely defeated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi again,
    Start by undertsanding that the only way to do this for free hosted blogs is by using this method (no other one will work) >

  3. We cannot access metadata files for our free hosted blogs as this is a multiuser blogging platform. The instructions that apply to other blogs like sites and Blogger blogs do not work for us. The only method we can use is the one I linked to above.

  4. Okay so I did that and it still did not verify. Do you use the whole code, the content only? I have tried both but they don't work. (Seems like it should)

  5. This is the issue: The html in word press appears like this below

    <meta name='google-site-verification' content='dBw5CvburAxi537Rp9qi5uG2174Vb6JwHwIRwPSLIK8'>

    on the google site is asks for this

    <meta name='google-site-verification' content='dBw5CvburAxi537Rp9qi5uG2174Vb6JwHwIRwPSLIK8'/>

    and the difference is the "/" that is missing at the end of the meta tag html...i tried to edit it in the google chrome debugger but i could only change it temporarily and I have no idea how to keep that / in there. But adding this / in did allow me to verify my site...but upon a refresh the / was gone and google requires that it remain the same with / and all.

  6. What is the URL of your blog?


  8. The closing / is included in the HTML generated by so if you can't see it then it's probably your browser hiding it when showing you the source of the HTML.

    Calvin: What is the error message you get when you try the Verify button for your site in Webmaster Tools?

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