google verification failing

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    here’s the error:

    Less than a minute ago
    3/30/11 7:28:28 PM UTC Meta tag Verification failed. We couldn’t find the verification meta tag.

    I did it exactly as wordpress instructed.

    help? :)

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    We need the URL beginning with http before anyone can provide accurate help.



    sorry, it’s




    I already did that. (the stuff listed below from the link you sent me to in the post above. I already did all this stuff: (any other suggestions? thx)

    Here is how to register your blog in Google Webmaster Tools:

    1. Log in to with your Google account.
    2. Enter your blog URL and click Add Site.
    3. In order to access most of the features, you will have to verify your site, so click on the Verify link.
    4. You will be presented with several verification methods. Choose Upload an HTML file.
    5. Copy the filename, which looks something like google1234567890abcdefgh.html
    6. Leave the verification page open and go to your blog dashboard.
    7. Create a new page (not a post) with the filename as a title and publish it. Don’t worry if the dot from the filename is stripped, like in google1234567890abcdefgh html.
    8. Go back to the verification page and click Verify.

    If you don’t want to see this artificial page along with your meaningful ones, see how to hide it.



    Don’t do that. It is outdated.

    Go to your Dashboard and under Web Hooks, you can put in your filename.



    outdated? then why would wordpress have it on their v. 3.1 tools page?



    I have used that entry recently. I used it on March 9, 2011 and it worked for me.



    3.1 tools is for something with WordPress.ORG and not here at WordPress.COM.

    For more on the difference:



    i keep bumping into the limitations of .com. what’s a girl to do if she wants to learn the back end of WP blogging? (and doesn’t have the money to pay for a 3rd-party site hoster or whatever it’s called.)



    also, it’s under tools in my .com software. why would it be there if it weren’t for me to use?

    plus, google’s now verified my site. i’ll see how far i can get with .com yet.



    You can install WordPress.ORG on your desktop PC and work away to your hearts content working with the program. I used xampp on my PC. All the programs required for your PC are free. The bad news about having things on your PC is that if you have a question where someone needs to see what you have done to help you there is a problem.

    You can get help for the desktop install over at WordPress.ORG.



    I don’t understand what you mean.
    when i d/l the install it didn’t work. php errors. then i found out i needed to get a host, and i chose to have WP host my blog.
    Then, WP, gave me an address:
    Then, i tried installing WP and it worked.

    are you saying is the software is the same, but if your domain name or website address, or blog host, or whatever you want to call it i don’t know the exact term, is, then you do not have access to files on wordpress’ server like you would if you had your own web host, because your own web host would allow you to have access to your files so you can manipulate them for design purposes and etc.?

    is this approximately what you’re saying? also, do the .com and .org software look exactly the same and just some of the functions on the .com stuff won’t work when tried by the user, or, do they actually look different?

    is this kind of the jist of what you’re saying?


    When the new page is published , can it be published privately?



    In what way does that question relate to the subject matter in this thread? Please do not post off-topic into threads. Please start your own thread by using this link Add new topic > and when you do please supply the complete URL for the blog in question starting with http://

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