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    My WordPress blog was created 5 months ago and still not been indexed by Google. I went to Google’s webmaster tools and found things I can do to get my site verified and put into the index. One involved putting an HTML file in the root and another involved putting a value in a META tag. I cannot figure out how to do either with WordPress. Can anyone help or should I find a different blog site to use?



    What are your privacy settings in: Dashboard –> Options –> Privacy?



    Can anyone help or should I find a different blog site to use?

    Just for reference, rudeness is not necessary around here. Usually asking for help while insulting the folks you’re asking for help from doesn’t put you in that good of a light, both online or in real life.

    Especially on a topic thats been discussed many times over in the past already here in the forums.

    I’m seeing a number of issues with your blog.

    – I’m not showing a single link to your blog on any of the major search engines. No one has linked to you. That’s how the search engines find you is via those links. if no one has linked to you, how do you expect the spiders to find you?

    – You’re not categorizing your posts. That tells the spiders, if they find you, that you’re not writing about anything. Everything on your blog is labeled “Uncategorized.”

    – You’re not writing enough. I’m counting less then ten posts on your blog. That means your site isn’t updating enough to hold the spider’s interest to keep coming back once they find you.

    Also have you submitted your blog to any of the search engines? I know both Google and Yahoo have forms that you can fill out to get the spiders to your site.

    There’s an article up on that you may want to skim through about getting traffic and the spiders to your blog. Looks like you’re just haven’t done anything to get attention paid to your blog.

    Hope this helps,



    Wasn’t meant to be rude or insulting. You read something into the post that was not there. I just meant if WordPress cannot support the Google documentation that says what to do to get the blog verified, is there something else I should try. I found a nice link on how to put a blog into Google (, but I can’t find anything similar for WordPress. WP is way better than blogspot which is why I am putting effort into getting it to work. I understand what you are saying about the links to me, categorizing and writing more, but none of those answer the original question of how to get the site verified with Google per their instructions at I have searched this forum for help and found some links, but they seem to refer to a WP blog hosted somewhere else and talk about using Plugins that does not allow for valid security reasons. Oh, also, I did submit my site to Google, several times over several months.

    Thanks for your help, BC



    My Privacy settings are set to:

    “I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around”



    Then what you should work on now is putting more stuff in your blog that makes people want to link to you. And registering on Technorati (WP already pings them, but you should claim your blog there anyway).

    Ten posts? I’ve done twelve in a DAY. You need to put more out before the blogosphere will give you anything back, that’s just the way it works.

    You do not need to do anything more with google if you have registered in Google Blogsearch.



    Please read this thread and act on the information in it
    Also understand that if you do not link to other sites in each of your posts your blog is a dead duck. And until you have at least 20 posts linking to other sites you are only treading water. Lastly know that it will be necessary for you to develop a blogroll of links to other sites and place your links widget and your categories widget in your sidebar in order to display them.
    This will help you understand the relationship between your blogroll, links and categories. And this will help you with setting up your widgets.



    I really appreciate all the responses on making my blog better. I’ve already done some and will work on the rest.

    I think this thread
    is the answer to the real question I was asking. I wanted to get Google to verify my site, but it appears that is not possible with According to the post below WP does not allow putting the Google token in the META tag nor uploading the placeholder html file for Google to verify. Maybe a good feature enhancement?



    Not really: what we’ve been saying all along is that Google will see your site just fine, WordPress facilitates that naturally and you don’t have to do a thing, but Google will not take particular notice of your blog until there’s more content there or more incoming links. Google verification in this context is meaningless: they see you. You just don’t think you’re worth indexing YET. Put more in your blog, link to others, get others to link to you. Then you’ll earn your googlejuice.



    excellents posts, congratulations.




    I have tried to “google” my blog (czechmatediary) and it didn’t find it. What am I doing wrong?



    Let me re-phraze it. I am not trying to aks the same question as “billycousins” ; I guess what am I trying to ask is if someone would be searching for anything with the word “Czech” in it, would they find my site (czechmatediary) ???? Thank you!
    (And thanks for all the previous info…)



    Your blog’s only 5 days old. Takes up to 2-3 months to be fully indexed.




    First of all, sorry for my poor English.

    I was reading this topic today trying to find a way to make Google verify my blog.

    I do not have sure if I was just lucky or if my bet really works (or happens some coincidence), because when I hit “verify” on Google, it works!

    I wrote a little tutorial about that:

    I hope it works for you too.



    If you want your blog to be indexed by any of the search engines you can use two tricks,

    1. write posts which people really wants to read and useful to them
    2. Links, some way of links to your site from the site which is already indexed by the engines, my tips for this are as follows
      1. Participating in discussions, forums like this (with the link to your blog)
      2. Using your blog url in any of the public profiles like linkedin,, …
      3. just add your blog url to your mail signature, google now have the options of gathering links from your browser thro their toolbar, so if your friends clicked the link it’ll be added to their google history, it’ll be sure added to index if many peoples follows your link, provided they are using google toolbar with the web history enabled
      4. simply commenting on of the public posts (like this ;-))
    3. last but not least, if suppose your blog is really useful to someone then nothing of the above is needed, don’t you feel it’s a great great bug of the search engines if is not indexed, so don’t worry about indexing, just concentrate on content



    That’s a very helpful tip, tigredefogo, and I followed your second tutorial on how to add a Google Sitemap, too.

    They both worked like a dream – thanks very much.



    Hi All,

    First off all, I’m new at this forum, so if I make any mistakes, excuse me.

    I want to reply on this post because I have the same problem as billycousins has got. I’m not talking about Google finding the website, but about Google verifying the website.

    Let me try to explain my problem and what I think was billycousins’ problem.

    Google has got a dedicated part for webmasters, Googlewebmaster ( In this area Google supplies some tools which you can use to improve your website. For example Google Sitemaps is listed here and also you can see which other websites link to your website. To be able to use those tools you have to either put a verification-link in your code or upload a html-file to your website.

    However, in WordPress this doesn’t seem to work, because the code isn’t recognized (it should be in the first <HEAD> of the page, but that doesn’t exist in WordPress) or the 404-page prevents Google from reading the html-file. Therefore Google cannot verify the website and I am not able to use these Google Tools. Which is too bad, because they are good tools.

    Does anybody recognize this problem and found a solution for it? Maybe a plugin?



    You’re at the wrong forum. This is for blogs hosted by, and we don’t install our own plugins here. You will probably find what you’re looking for at’s forums, though.



    Hi, raincoaster et al.,

    It turns out that you emcan/em get your site verified by Google, and submit a Google site map on their webmaster tools page, too.

    tigredefogo’s post in this thread provides links to tutorials to complete those tasks. And they work !



    Submit your site here on the right – Submit it to only the top 40 search engines. And also claim your blog at Technorati and place Technorati’s buttons and such on your site. And make sure to ping your blog as I do at and Also stick a few links on your blogroll so to get the juices going a bit. I got a new blog at Blogger and stuck up right away links to top sites such as E! Online, Google, NY Daily News, Page Six, People, Reuters, TMZ, and Yahoo.

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