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  1. I am creating a new blog at for one of my economics classes. I'm trying to imbed a video using the html code provided by Google but maybe because its a blog, I can't seem to get it to work. When I publish it and go back to edit, there are the tags. How do I imbed the html without having these tags automatically put around the code? Thanks...

  2. There are restrictions (as you know) on for using the embed tags. However, there is a way around it:

    Will give you full instructions. I would paste them in here for you but apparently I can't highlight with my mouse this morning.



  3. Google video, YouTube, and Grouper are the only three that WordPress will allow. I understand instructions are in the FAQ.

  4. I tried doing everything with the instructions but its not working. Is it because the tags? If so, how can I avoid those? Argh!!

  5. SWEET VICTORY!!!!!!! It works! Thanks guys!

  6. You'll see what a WordPress newbie I am here: after reading these directions I know I need to put this code into the HTML:

    However, when I click on the "HTML" button to insert this code into the page and save the page, all I get is the text listed above, not the video. Am I inserting the code into the wrong place?

    Any help appreciated,

  7. I think you're actually posting in the wrong place. Your username isn't linked to a blog here at Usually that means you're hosted elsewhere and running different software than we are here. You need to be over at This is covered in the "please read me first before posting" sticky at the head of the forums.

    Short answer though is that you need to have a video plugin. I usually recommend WP-ExtremeVideo. You can find it via a google search.

    Hope this helps,

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