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Google video in cooments?

  1. IIs it possible sam way to embed google vodeo in comments, like You Tube video?
    If it is not possibility, we should give request to WordPress staff to make possibility for this.
    I need support for this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. (Moving thread to Ideas Forum ~~tess)

    You can contact staff directly with your idea:

  3. @dzonson allows you and your readers to embed YouTube videos in comments. To embed a YouTube video into a comment, simply grab the URL/permalink of any YouTube video and paste it directly into your comment text: Please see this support entry for detailed instructions >

  4. ~~tt
    The op appears to already know about embedding YouTubes into comments. Google video shortcode does not currently work in comments.

  5. @Tess
    Oh my. I didn't know that he knew about embedding as he didn't say that above. And I didn't know that the embedding isn't working. Thanks for the update. I appreciate it.

  6. YouTubes work, but I don't think Google Video ever did. There aren't so many Google videos anymore, but it would be nice if staff could make the shortcode function in comments.

  7. @timethief,

    Yes I know that You Tube video can be embeded into a comment. The best way to embed you tube video into a comments is by the short code, like we doing into our posts. But, my point is to do the same with the google video. So... I will write to contact staff as 1tess suggested.

  8. Best wishes. :)

  9. Thanks. All the same to you.

  10. You're welcome.

  11. You also :-)

    By the way... there is some code magic timethief , to embed google video into post, but with fullscreen options of video.
    Try it. Copy - paste this into post and you will see:

    See this example:

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