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Google Video problem?

  1. Now i had the second video from Google which i was not able to embed to a post, as suggested in the FAQ:

    Usually it works fine, but with 2 videos i have this problem. I can see a frame from the video, but if i click the play button, i get the "currently not available"-error from google.

    The video itself is fine and also 'embedable', so maybe there is a problem with some charakters in the embedding-code and the db...

    Has anyone else made a similar experience?

    PS: Video is here:

  2. darrylcollins1

    I posted almost exactly the same thing here, but I haven't had a response yet.

  3. I found out, that if there is any not proper HTML _before_ the embedding video-code, it won't play. This affects YouTube- and GoogleVideos. And if you do heavy editing, TinyMCE get's confused and makes rubbish code (ie. interlaced hrefs). So i assume more some problem in the direction Editor-Database-Embedding or so... Didn't get any response from my feedback also, but they are busy. So maybe if more people report sthg similar...

  4. Sorry - I forgot / got busy / apologise.

    Trying various combinations this morning just gets me 'This video is currently not available. Try again later' - which I will. I know of no reason why this should have broken but if I can't figure it out consistently I'll pass it on.

  5. I have 3 googlevideo links on a testblog and they all still show as above. It'll be passed on.

  6. Okay.. there have been no code changes at all.
    The 3 videos I linked to are still unplayable.
    Taking a video from G-videos front page does work so the problem has to be their end.

  7. podz, thanks a lot for your efforts testing this.
    But what we will do now with the few videos which won't play?
    Embedding videos is for me very important and was a main reason for choosing WordPress. If some will still play and some not, i will never know before. That is a ugly dent on our celebration day :(

  8. I'm now getting the error myself where in the past it just wasn't loading. Looks like it's coming from Google's side though.

    Dumb question. What is the video of? I'm noting that it appears Google has gone in and censored/ removed some videos. Looks like it's happening to others as well.

  9. drmike: we were talking about embedded videos. All the videos will play normally accessed through GV directly, but won't play if embedded here at wordpress. That's weird.

  10. It seems that Google has shortened the Video-URI, and my videos all work fine now. They are learning from uTube quick ;)

  11. Um, actually YouTube just lengthened theirs. :)

  12. Oh no, they are all way too fast for me ;)
    But thanks drmike + podz for all your great help & support!
    I really appreciate this.

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