Google video seems not to work

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    I tried to post a Google Video feed on my blog. It shows an initial image, but when I click to play the message is “This video is currently not available. Please try again later.” Is this a Google issue and has anyone else seen it or knows how to fix it. Thanks.



    Don’t know how we missed this one but that’s probably a Google issue. The cideo probably got removed or something.


    i”m having the same problem on about 7 or 8 videos that i hosted via google. it started a week or so ago. anyone knows any more on this please post. i had another test post of a short video by someone else, also hosted on google, that one plays fine. since my clips are all well over 100 megs, i am thinking it might have something to do with size, which wasn’t an issue before.



    I realised that since a few days GV has changed the embedding-code when you click Embed from the webupload-form, right after the upload. Using the Embed-link from the video itself works for me now again.



    The other day I heard that Google Video is like the worst when it comes to video.

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