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Google Video vs Youtube Video

  1. Help me, please! I can post google video, but I CAN'T post youtube videos.
    I try to write [youtube=url video] but it doesn't work, it opens a page: file not found. Please!
    (I can't see youtube videos from other blogger, why?)

  2. Can't help you unless we see a sample of what you're doing.

  3. What I have to do?

  4. Ok, I've tried to make a post with video but it doesn't work

  5. Make a post with a youtube video within it.

    I would also post the URL of the video as well just so we can compare it.

  6. I made the post.
    I've written [youtube=] to link

  7. Looks like you're trying to put the [youtube=...] within a 'a' tag.

    All you do is place what you've written in your post above within a post, not within any sort of link.

    I threw up a picture of the Edit Post page so you can see how it's placed.

    *chuckle* This is why I ask for examples. :)

    hope this helps,

  8. Ok. Now I see a blank page, can you see the video?

  9. I can see the cat playing in the toilet. Here's an idea: If you sign out of your wordpress acoount and then type the url for your blog into your browser you can see your blog just as any visitor to your blog site will see it. That way you won't have to rely on us in the future to look at your site to see if videos are working, ok?

  10. I see it as well using Netscape 7.2 on a network I wasn't on this morning so I know it's not cached. Try clearing out your browser's cache a doing a forse reload of the page.

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