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Google video works in firefox not IE

  1. Some people checked my wordpress blog through firefox and it showed google video without any problems. Others checked it out through IE or Internet Explorer and it shows blank video after the headers. What's the problem?

  2. I see the video in this post fine with IE7. Any idea what version of IE they're using? They may also be coming if from somewhere where they block YouTube.

  3. The issue may be because you're trying to load all those videos within a single page. I bet they're trying to load them from the home page. IIRC, they all have to load first in IE before you can get them running. We usually suggest using the more tag and putting the video after the tag. That way folks have to go into the Post to see it and there's no conflict with any other video.

    Hope this helps,

  4. drmike

    thanks for your help. We are using IE 7 and it still shows nothing under all four title under when it should be google video clips there. Can you please explain more how to use more tag and putting video after the tag?

  5. @jackbarr
    Re: using the more tag
    I use the ordinary editor and not the visual rich text editor and all I click the more button <!--more> wherever I want the break to occur. If you use the visual rich text WYSIWYG editor then the icon is number 13

  6. What's before the tag shows up on the home page of your blog and they see a "Read More..." links. When your visitors clicks through, they get the full article including the video.

  7. I figured out the problem... for some reason, flashvars= was insert in the [googlevideo=...] which I removed it and it now works

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