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    I’d like to add the new Google Voice widget to my blog. Anyone know whether it works, will work, a workaround?

    The blog I need help with is


    If it contains javascript, flash, iframes or forms, then it is not allowed due to security concerns.


    Actually after just a quick look I would say that there is virtually zero (0) chance it will work here.



    That’s too bad. I think it would be a great option for those of us on .com blogs. Even if were an additional cost for Java, Flash, iframe or form-based plug-ins.


    It’s not a matter of cost, it is a matter of security. Facebook and some of the other platforms have been brought down by user added script in the past and wordpress.COM works hard to make sure that their service here is secure.



    The Google Voice widget does work with WordPress – just not on
    I just built a WordPress server on my own server, and the Google Voice Widget works nicely.


    @eltonb, but this is wordpress.COM. It doesn’t work here, and this forum is about blogs hosted here. Most people are here because they either they don’t want to, or don’t have the experience for a self-hosted blog, or they don’t want to put out the money and don’t want to deal with upgrades and maintenance and troubleshooting and backups and such.



    There’s a workaround with limited options though.

    If you click the arrow next to ‘Edit’ you can change the options. The bottom three options are without javascript and can be added into a standard text widget:

    It’s not the full functionality, but it works very well.




    That is a great help for google chat, but google voice is a new phone service from Google, not yet open to the general public. It uses flash to create the phone call.

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