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Google Wave

  1. I'd like to syndicate some of my (public) Google Waves to my blogs. I see some WordPress plugins that support this e.g. but I don't see that offered on

    Anyone else interested in this functionality?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, I would like this functionality too!

  3. me too. plis

  4. I would love this functionality. I have a personal blog and would like to just drag and "drop" pictures on to my blog. Please Automattic. Come out with an integration for users!!

  5. wow nice! :)

  6. Just saying ... Google Wave is currently in a limited preview and invitations are required to "test drive" it. Perhaps I'm off base but I'm thinking that requesting "integration" at this juncture may be premature.

  7. yes please :)

  8. unknownwpressuser

    googlewave is fun too use but its not quite there yet

  9. yeah, it is still developing, but its a pretty nifty tool. it would be pretty cool to integrate it with writing posts and sharing them and such, but its really not at that stage yet. it would be wicked cool though :)

  10. God knows I'm no expert in Google Wave, but this does need to be said:

    Syndicated content of any form is NOT allowed to be pushed to blogs; this is by design, a very deliberate choice on the part of developers. It's a classic tool of blog scrapers and spammers and thus is unlikely to be approved for use here.

  11. Thanks for speaking up. Your point has to be made clear to bloggers every day when answering forum questions.

  12. As someone active on 11 different social media platforms daily, I understand the utility of it, but it would be impossible to moderate to eliminate or even attempt to control the spam. is NOT an aggregation platform, it's a blogging platform.

  13. "Real time" search is already full of noise and spam. Imagine a tsunami of that crappola ---yikes!

  14. In less it's a widget, odds are you can't use it on a site, only a self hosted site. Even some widgets won't work.

  15. i also wish to add wave┬┤s amazing functionality to my blog at

  16. Looking for this as well. Any updates from the good folks at WordPress on potential timing? -John

  17. Again, it is just in a preview phase, and hasn't even reached alpha status much less beta. WP has never done anything with anything until it comes out as a full "ready for primetime" public release, so I wouldn't pace the floor or wring my hands waiting for it.

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