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Google Webmaster says URL is invalid

  1. I have just started this particular blog and Google indexed it within a day, but, when i tested the sitemap with Google Webmaster today it says the URL is 'invalid'. Does anyone know what this means please, and should i be worried? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I retested the sitemap in Webmaster Tools, and what it actually says is "This is not a valid URL, please correct it and re-submit". My blog is definitely indexed by Google though. What is the problem with the sitemap?

  3. Still the same problem today. Could someone at least tag this for staff so i can get an answer please. If there is something wrong with my sitemap i'd like to know, otherwise i am wasting my time adding new posts. Thanks

  4. Shall i go out and then come back in, and slam the door louder perhaps?

  5. Hi there,
    This thread is flagged for Staff attention. I assume you are referring to this URL but I want to confirm that it is the one you are referring to. If that's not the URL in question please post the correct one.

  6. Yes that's the URL. Thank you for flagging this i appreciate it very much.

  7. Please make sure that you're submitting this for the sitemap URL:

  8. That's what was submitted, and i have repeated it, but with same result each time. When i run the sitemap test it comes back as 'invalid URL'. The sitemap page on Google Webmaster says there are four posts submitted (although Google has actually indexed 12). And i have 19 posts in total. I just want to be certain my blog is working correctly and i am not just blogging into thin air.

  9. It's all working correctly from this end, and that is a valid URL.

    I recommend contacting Google about this.

  10. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your help, and i'll contact Google.

  11. You're welcome!

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