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Google Webmaster shows Issues with Sitemap.xml

  1. Hello,
    I've just noticed that Google Webmaster has notified me that there are some errors within my sitemap for my blog.
    Shows that there are a total of 472 issues with the sitemap.xml for my blog:

    Could you please check this out and fix it for me as soon as possible.

    Thank You.
    Blog url:

  2. I wanted to send this message directly to WORDPRESS EMAIL! PRIVATELY!!
    Why has that stupid form made me post it on this forum?

  3. bump...

  4. Many people have had this error. It seems that there is nothing wrong with the sitemap. Google Webmaster is making an error by saying there is an error!! Type in 'sitemap' in the forum search and you will find the threads about this. You can only contact WP in this forum at the moment, unless of course you're a paying customer!

  5. I wrote an article about this problem in google forum but didn't get an answer from them. Maybe, wordpress staffs should contact with google to solve this problem (if possible).

  6. The thing is though @hakanertr there is no actual error in the sitemap. Google Webmaster is showing errors that do not exist. You can check your sitemap at and the chances are it will show that your sitemap is valid.

  7. Thanks for reporting this. It looks to me like this may be a separate issue compared to the other thread. Looking into it.

  8. That is the same error I flagged a couple of days ago and staff just blew it off - all of my sites that have Webmaster tools have the same type of errors now - took a few days for all 4 sites to show the errors

  9. With all the issues I've seen with Google and sitemaps lately my first inclination is to always blame the g00g. I have two client sites now that google claims a problem with the sitemaps, but their own validator says the sitemaps are clean with no problems or errors.


  10. @auxclass, I saw your reply and I think it looked super similar to the previous report and so that could have been why it was missed. Also, I'm still looking into details. Probably can get more info after the weekend.

    @thesacredpath, we really haven't had very many sitemaps issues caused by us in the past, so these cases are pretty unusual in the sense they're might be our fault—at least, I think :) still checking…

  11. @designsimply, yeah I would be reluctant to suspect WordPress on sitemap issues.

  12. I am one of the people who has had a thread about this as i have the same error. My sitemap now shows 32 errors, and what is also strange is that if i check my blog on 'ismyblogworking' each day the number of indexed posts goes down, so it is showing a decrease every day in indexed posts, BUT, if i click on the number of posts that 'ismyblogworking' says are indexed, it takes me to my indexed posts on Google, which are higher than stated, and are also higher than what Google Webmaster says in my sitemap!! I have checked my posts by typing in search terms and they are definitely being indexed. Still the sitemap error remains though.

  13. I don't know if this will help staff a bit more, but the sitemap error has now changed slightly in what it says, and it now says 'missing xml tag please replace it and re-submit'. It originally said 'invalid URL'

  14. Frankly, I don't care who is at fault... what I do know is that traffic from Google to my blog has dropped by ~80% since this started. This is a gamechanging bummer.

    The error I am receiving is: missing XML tag / This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.

  15. @markogne
    Will you please post a link to your blog so Staff are clear on which one you are referring to?

  16. Sorry for delay @timethief -

    I resubmitted a few days later and did not receive the error at that point. However, I have been receiving about 50% of the traffic from Google since the error:-(

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