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Google webmaster tools

  1. I really think that should allow you to verify your site on Google, Google webmaster tools is VERY useful, it tells you where you are listed in search results, gives you crawl errors, shows you the links to your website and more, the thing is that I can't get a custom meta tag or upload an html file, the only 2 ways of verifying your site.

  2. Actually I just uploaded a html file.... it is like a page I believe and you just copy that file onto the heading of your page. Then once you have it saved, you click on verify and then that's it! You can then remove that page but I dont know if you have to keep it there to remain verified..... Anyway I am new to this so sorry if I didn't make any sense :(

  3. Very good, only if you delete the page you will be de-verifyed, but I have the page, it seems like a normal page! I edited a page slug instead of making a new page so it looks nice.

  4. since this is solved you should change its status to solved if you didn't already

  5. This is in the ideas form so you can't

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