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    I did as explained in:
    The Page Permalink is :

    Google Webmaster Tools:
    When clicking on “3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.” the Page is opened.

    But Verifiying (4. in Tools) fails: “We weren’t able to verify your site: Last attempt Oct 2, 2009: Your verification file does not have the right content. Download the verification file below and upload it to your server.

    As I read somewhere, the google verification code has to be between <TITLE> tages, i changed my blogs title, so its now between title-tags. But didn’t help anything either.

    What am I doing wrong ?


    The blog I need help with is



    Having the same problem…



    Sent a note to WordPress support. I am assuming Google changed the way they are validating sites and now requiring the page to contain the contents of the html file and not just the html file name in the URI. Hopefully WordPress will allow an upload of the file Google provides or a way to add a single meta-tag to the home page…



    I also reported this problem to support.

    I’ve also tried the meta-tag method, both adding it to a page, to a post and to the “text” widget. In each case the metatage disappears when I “save’

    I tried adding the meta-tag given between but again the metatag disappears when the page is saved. And I tried bracketing it in <head> </head> codes.

    I’m out of ideas



    Google made changes to the way it verifies a site, now it requires uploaded pages to have specific content in them in order to be judged as genuine.

    This is not good for hosted WP blogs. I left a comment,and they seem to know there are bugs so hopefully this will be fixed soon



    Even I am facing this problem. Anyone with a solution?



    Today I came across the post on Google Webmaster Central Blog about the change in the way they verify sitemaps. One commenter said that it would be a problem for blogs. Then I began to wonder if this was the cause of the problems I’ve experienced over the past 5 days with GWMT being unable to access my resubmitted and previously verified sitemap? When I get the angry red x (failure) and resubmit the map, it never comes back with the green check (success) as it did previously

    “We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.” I’ve resubmitted and pinged repeatedly, to no avail. WordPress Support, validation sites and Bing have all confirmed that my sitemap is okay. So I gotta think it is a Google error. Others posting about a similar problem on the Google webmaster help forum for sitemaps, so I know it’s not just me. I hope Google find a fix soon!

    The blog post is @



    well, I just found out the answer to my question is YES. Now instead of getting the red X and “we encountered an errror…” message, the last time I resubmitted my previously verified sitemap (It was verified months ago), I got….

    “You haven’t yet verified this site: Verify now”
    (my site was verified months ago)

    Now what happens? will previously indexed urls gradually disappear from Google as well?

    Is Google trying to kill off traffic to wordpress blogst?



    I was relatively new to WP and did not have many posts, so I took them to Blogger. They give you much more customization and I was tired of figuring out how to validate my WP blog. Piece of cake at Blogger. So well WordPress….



    Ok guys, You cant validate your site but you CAN submit a site map to Google heres how:

    this will submit your site map



    Great, thanks for that!

    @codermike: you’ll find over time that blogs have a lot more googlejuice than Blogspot blogs, even WITH this mess of Google’s.



    Phew, I thought it was just me! I’ve just spent over an hour trying to verify my blog ( with Google Webmaster Tools using the HTML file as per the support instructions on here, only to repeatedly get the same error message: “Your verification file does not have the right content. Download the verification file below and upload it to your server”.

    It took me a matter of minutes to claim my blog on Technorati.

    Not helpful, Google!



    It’s been a while…. Still no solutions then?



    With the recent changes on Google’s end it makes it nearly impossible to verify through Google now.


    For wordpress to accomodate the way Google is doing things now, is going to be a sizable challenge given the security restrictions here. I’m hoping that they can get Google to work with them and provide a solution that will work for both.


    searchtech, fine with submitting the sitemap, thanks, I did it successfully, but now what?
    If I could have the possibility to upload the googlexxyyz.html file AS IS (as downloaded out of the google webmasters tool) somewhere on my blog files in order to e exactly as provided, then I probably would be happy to update accordingly the sitemap.xml. The problem (another one) is that on I can not change the file sitemap.xml: I think this is done automatically by the host ( Could somebody confirm that?



    Hope this is a high prio issue at WP right now. One of WP’s advantages being that it is google friendly. Surely they will work out a solution.



    now, its 4 weeks without a solution?




    Wow that option is pretty new

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