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    To verify my site for Google Webmaster Tools I need to either update a HTML file that they specify or add something into my meta tags, both of which I cannot do here. What are my options?



    You should probably stick to your original thread and answer the question that was asked of you in that thread by the moderator:



    But I’m also asking about having an HTML file in this thread. :/



    Yes I know but you are doubling the work for those trying to help you by having two threads. To answer your question about HTML…you cannot modify the code for your page on a blog hosted here at

    You may also want to read the threads at the top of this forum labeled:

    Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here at & Please read me first before posting

    as they have information pertaining to both your questions and have been answered before in many other threads.


    You cannot edit a blog theme because we are all on a shared multi-iser blog platform. If you could then whatever you did change would affect the blog of everyone else with the same theme. Please go back to the thread the Moderator answered you in that ryannjenn provided the link to



    I found a solution to this: Using the wp-andreas09-Theme, I created a page with a blank in the title and the “title form” set to the name of the html file (including the .html) google wanted, and although the dot got removed, it works fine.

    @thistimethisspace: I think it is not a problem, as it affects only the subdomain you verify, so in my case, I can only set settings for and not anyone else.



    janschejbal Thanks a lot!!!!! worked for me :D



    More info on how to do the trick janschejbal mentions.

    You can verify your blog for Google Webmaster Console using this trick:



    Thanks for that link, engtech! Worked great!

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