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  1. Hi, Im trying to verify my google webmaster tool but I don't think I'm doing it the right way...
    This was the code i got from google, google-site-verification: googlea94901101b43e776.html
    I went to available tools and tried, but it's not working. Can you please help me =)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you followed all of these steps? Webmaster Tools

    Sounds like maybe you added the wrong part of the code:

    Copy the content value by itself. In the example above, you will only copy: dBw5CvburAxi537Rp9qi5uG2174Vb6JwH

    Try that! If not, can you tell us what the result was? What happens to tell you it's not working?

  3. Thanks for your answer,
    I've tried typing just that part of the code, still not working.
    When I click the link to see if it worked, i come to this page;

  4. Oh, I see what's happening, you're using the wrong option.

    1. Under 'Alternative Methods,' make sure you choose:

    HTML tag
    Add a meta tag to your site's home page.

    2. It will give you something like this:

    <meta name="google-site-verification" content="oJo3-t16GfPvDKaCxRusiTEG4NvOBmo05Lz0wJPGKNI" />

    3. Copy ONLY the content code: oJo3-t16GfPvDKaCxRusiTEG4NvOBmo05Lz0wJPGKNI

    4. Paste that content code in the verification field in your WordPress dashboard, and save changes.

    5. Click 'Verify' in Google Webmaster Tools, while making sure you're still on the HTML tag option.

  5. In my wordpress there is nothing called "Add a meta tag"
    My blogs in swedish and i don't find anythind similar to Alternative methods.
    Thanks anyway =)

  6. Don't give up, you'll get it! "Alternative Methods" is on the Google Webmaster Tools site, not in your dashboard. It is an option that shows up after you 'Add Site.'

    Here is a screenshot to show you where in english:

    Take a look at that screenshot, and then try following the tutorial instructions again, making sure only to paste the content value into your WordPress dashboard tools, rather than the whole meta tag.

  7. Got It! Thank you =)

  8. Excellent. Congrats! :)

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