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Google webmastertool detects deleted site

  1. Hi, Im working on my blog "" and the google webmastertool says there is 2 errors when the bot crawls through it.

    The pages

    None of the sites exists! What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can ask the Webmaster tools to take those two pages out of the cache - the removal is under Crawler Access. However Google Webmaster Tools will probably dig up the two deleted pages for some time.

    I have some deleted pages from a year ago that they are still giving me errors over and I have ask for the pages to be removed and they still show up.

  3. Thanks - it's a jungle for code-newbs! Thansk for helping. Now I'll just wait (a year or two :-))

  4. You be welcome & good luck

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