Google xml Sitemaps REJECTED

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    Maybe your PAID accounts have placed you on a different server.

    There is a large red X on Google Webmaster Tools sitemap page and the error message I have described above.

    Google is VERY CLEAR about the encoding they want to see for xml sitemaps. sitemaps do not have the required:

    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
    <urlset xmlns=”″



    yelling at people who are not paid but are trying to help you is very bad Karma. You are also domain forwarding which changes the dynamics as noted above – you have also wasted way more than $ 12– in your time beating a round peg in a square hole that is unless you time is worth $ 0.15 / hour.

    Also as noted above – contact the staff as they are the only ones that have access to the code and our blogs are working just fine.



    I was not referring to paid accounts because aside from VIP accounts there are no paid accounts here. There are only upgrades we can purchase for specific purposes for individual free hosted blogs. I was referring to plain ordinary free hosted test blogs on sub-domains.

    Yelling at us is very bad karma indeed because this is a peer support forum and none of us Volunteers who choose to answer questions have to put up with abuse. If we chose to act as a unit we could all ignore each and every thread anyone who has abused us previously posts here. At this juncture you are free to get all your support from Staff at the link that has been proffered to you above and that I will post again for you. >


    I’m talking about free test blogs hosted right here on wordpress.COM – 3 of them.

    timethief has two sites here, both with custom domain names and both fully verified with Google and the sitemaps for those two sites are fine with Google. They have no problems with them.

    I just checked three client’s sites here, one with custom domain name and two straight up free sites, and in their google webmaster setups they had not set up the sitemap, so I just did that for them and they was accepted without error.

    Seriously, I don’t know what is going on, but sitemaps are not the issue. I’ve also checked three client’s self-hosted sites that are using three different sitemap generator plugins, and the headers on those generated sitemaps are identical in structure, and the information provided, to the ones that wordpress.COM produces.

    There are probably 25+ million public blogs here on wordpress.COM (30 million total) all using that same sitemap. If this were a “problem” believe me there would be more than two people here in the forums going on about this.

    Note the opening paragraph in the google link that the OP provided:

    Google can accept Web Sitemaps in a number of formats, but we recommend creating a Sitemap based on the Sitemap protocol because the same file can be submitted to the other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo!, that are members of

    For the record, Bing and Yahoo both accept wordpress.COM sitemaps just as they are.

    From that same google link.

    In addition to the standard format above, Google also accepts the following as Sitemaps:

    RSS, mRSS, and Atom 1.0
    Text file

    Yes, Google even accepts plain text files with no header information at all, just a list of URLs, one per line, that you would manually update.

    Given my experience with Google doing web development, I can tell you that its fickle nature is a “feature” of Google and you can never tell from day to day what it is going to throw at you. I’ve had it reject its own meta tags before only to wait a few hours and submit the same number and it takes it.


    Let me offer just a brief explanation of what forwarding a domain name does as far as browser and search engines are concerned.

    Once you set a forward or redirect on a URL, that URL effectively becomes nothing more than a post with a sign with an arrow on it pointing to another URL and saying, “nothing to see here folks, please go over there.” As far as the web, google and browsers are concerned that URL with the forward/redirect effectively doesn’t exist. The only thing that exists is the URL that they all were forwarded to.

    That means that the web address that you submit to google has to be the one at the end of the forward/redirect – the URL, because like I said, that other site doesn’t exist as a “site.” The sitemap submitted to google also has to be the one for the site here, .


    TWO different sites posting here have encountered the SAME problem – yet you continue to DENY the problem exists!

    Just because it works for you does NOT prove that others are NOT experiencing problems.

    Removing the domain forwarding from – take a look, it’s gone, did NOT provide a valid Google Webmasters Tools sitemap for

    You are far more concerned with trying to prove a problem doesn’t exist – blaming the victim is not considered HELP!



    What part of contact the staff don’t you understand??

    Everyone that has tried to help you have blogs that are working fine. @TSP has even tried small words several times – yelling at us is a waste of you time and just irritates us that you might ask for help in the future. Bad Karma dude.



    Bad Karma dude.



    Point of process!


    Yelling is not more effective than speaking in a normal voice. No matter how much BOLD you use, you will always receive the same answer because the answer remains the same regardless of your choice of font styling.

    Two sites doing exactly the same wrong thing are encountering the exact same difficulty. What can be the solution?

    Stop doing that thing.

    Do what the several experienced, successful bloggers in this thread have instructed and POOF! Problem solved.


    You are perfectly free to continue to do the wrong thing, if it makes you feel more empowered. If you do, you will continue to fail. As a member of the WP.COM volunteer caucus, I support your right to free choice and free action within the framework of the GA.

    It’s entirely up to you.



    Isn’t it funny how, even within Occupy, bankers are asshats?


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    As we volunteers cannot provide any more useful advicel, I’ll close this thread.

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