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GoogleMaps support

  1. My planned travel-themed blog could really use the display of maps
    (preferrably GoogleMaps) on the blog.
    Can this be done?
    I assume it is similar in nature to the support of GoogleVideo and it
    probably does not consume more bandwidth than displaying other images.

    I think it can be a great addition to !

  2. I would be interested in this as well. Currently I have just got links to the maps, but if they could be integrated that would be great.

  3. GoogleMaps IIRC are JavaScript based and all user inputed javascripts are removed due to security concerns. If they were allowed, it would be childs play for me to log into your blog and really muck things up.

  4. i think they're asking for something like

    [googlemap=94111] (the same way videos are done)

    which would be pretty awesome.

  5. If you added GoogleVideo support - it should be as easy...

  6. If you added GoogleVideo support - it should be as easy...

    OK, we await your solution to the issue. :)

  7. If you want to add maps, use Windows Live Writer which enables you to add maps using Microsoft's Virtual Earth. It works.

  8. Stevelea,

    How would i add it to doesn't it use JavaScript?

  9. Israel, honestly it works. I did a test post and the map is shown as a clickable image. The hard part is finding the area of the map you want to show.

  10. Stevelea, i agree. adding a linked image is indeed easy.
    What i'm asking for is the capability to add a real map on, a
    map that i can actually navigate in (zoom in/out etc) without leaving the site.

  11. Yep, me too. A useable map would be top drawer.

  12. I thought this wouldn't be possible, when you take into account markers, overlays and the things that make Google Maps useful. However if Quikmaps is stable then a simple plug-in a la YouTube should be possible.

    Unfortunately the blog (powered by WordPress) suggests it isn't yet, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

  13. Yeah, I took a look at QUickmaps a few days ago, but it didn't do much for me!!

  14. Has anyone used to create a map and then post it to their blog? Wayfaring says that you can just copy and paste their code into your blog but I have been unable to do so as of yet.

  15. @cprout
    It's always a good idea to be clear as to exactly what you are referring to by providing a link. Also I note that the title of this thread is "google map support" so if and when this thread goes into the forum search box no one will be able to retrieve whatever information is turned up about the map program you are pointing to. Another good idea would be to start a new thread with a specific title and put the link in it.

  16. somebody mentioned about MS Virtual Earth... may i know the link to it? Are there fees to be paid?

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