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  1. pistachenewyorkcity


    my request might sound basic, but what do i do to have my blog linked on Google? If i type the name : nothing appears...

    thank you very much for your help!
    Blog url:

  2. It takes time for search engines to index your content. See here for verifying blog ownership with the major search engines > See here for sitemaps and note there's nothing we need to do.
    See here for 10 factors that tend to expedite indexing of your content.

  3. BTW. Your blog is indexed by Google (4 results).
    Your blog is not yet indexed by Bing.

  4. On the topic of Google, I have been trying for over two years to have my blog come up in Google Alerts for keywords on my blog. I use the term in titles and tags and in the body of the text, and we get 1,500 hits a day, along with incoming links. I have verified my site with Google multiple times and still it never shows up in Google Alerts. I've noticed the same thing with other WordPress sites. It's upsetting because I invest a lot of time on my blog and should be reaching many more readers. Anyone else have this problem?

  5. Hi there,
    Your issue is a different issue that has zero to do with Google Alerts are sent to the email address you provide and as frequently as you specify. See here >

  6. I understand how Google Alerts works. What I don't understand is why my blog is never among the search results for Google Alerts. I set my Google alert specifically to track content on the Web that pertains to my blog, and to make sure other people interested in the topic would see my blog posts in their Google Alerts. In the early days, my blog posts were being found by Google Alerts, but then something changed and they stopped showing up. Google hasn't come up with an explanation, so I was wondering if other WordPress bloggers have run into this issue. It's possible that there's something about our blog that is causing it to be blocked by Google. Our site is indexed by Google - it's usually on the first page if you search on our main topic - so I'm mystified.

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