Google’s searche engine isn’t infallible (no, really!?)

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    “Pantalones solola” turned up in a recent search on my blog, and was (correctly) given a link to my article about Guatemalan textiles, here:

    But clicking Google’s link ends up at this unrelated article instead:

    Is there anything that I can do help the situation, or is it just one of those glitches?

    My apologies if this question isn’t appropriate for the WP forum, but I don’t know where else to ask it. TIA.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi buyathread,
    You aren’t going to be impressed with this answer but all issues between bloggers and search engines are between bloggers and search engines. I have never attempted to get a link corrected through Google so I’m not clear how to go about it. Where I would start is at the webamasters’s help forum.



    Thanks for the information, timethief. At least now I know where to start, but I’m not optimistic : )


    I don’t see any link mix-up. Googling for “pantalones solola” doesn’t lead to the unrelated article, it leads to this: (the second page of your blog, which includes the right article).

    With that google search, you’re competing against hundreds of webpages that simply include those two words. Your blog front has a Google rank of 4, your second page a rank of 2, while the article alone has no rank, so Google p.1 fetches the blog page instead of the individual post (as well as this, mind you: ). If you narrow it down to “ikat-striped pantalones solola”, Google fetches your blog page and the right article below it.



    Thank you very much, panaghiotisadam, for answering my question and for giving me a better understanding of how google searches work. Poking around the webmaster help forum was interesting, but just makes me appreciate this forum all the more : )

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