got everything suspended for no reason

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    My account ‘xetaw’ has been suspended for a few weeks now along with all the blogs I owned on it. I tried emailing them several times on a few email addresses but they did not respond at all. I think they might be ignoring me. I gave up until now when I remembered about the forums. I am almost adamant I did not break any rules. One of my blogs was, which was an SAT prep blog.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

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    Please do not lock this thread WordPress staff before I get a chance to respond/look at your reply or you guys are indeed trying to hide something/ignore me



    We volunteers have no role to play in the blog suspension process. It’s strictly between you and Staff. When blogs are suspended the Admin receive a notice on the dashboard and it contains a link to Staff. Use it! Because this is not a matter for forum discussion.



    xetaw = watex
    watex = permanent ban from

    Permanent really does mean forever.



    Maybe you can get all the SAT students to bomb the forum with posts?



    ok, so I was banned for what I did on my old account?

    raincoaster- I dont know if you’re WordPress or not, but I dont think so, so what you said was COMPLETELY uncalled for. I did NOT ask any of my fans to ‘bomb the forums with posts’ not ONCE. And you can take that to the bank and cash it in. Dont say things you dont know about. In fact, Id give an arm and a leg if I could even contact a quarter of my old fans again. Theyre all in the dark to what happened to me after my suspension



    and ok that answers my question thanks



    Are you the creepy old perv who was fucking around with all those poor kids? That was gross, man. Really gross.

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