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got hacked?

  1. my blog is behaving bizarrely. i'm getting lots of 404 pages with funny messages, and cannot open some pages. i cannot open the support page. my homepage has old posts. anyone else?

  2. allthecritters

    Yep, all my posts just disappeared except one!!

  3. Same for me. From about 200 articles, only 4 remains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Home page.

  4. jackieandfritz

    wow... did all my work really disappear??? HELP!!!

  5. Me too. What's going on

  6. The posts from most of October and all of November have disappeared on mine. What's up??

  7. HELP, i've got the same problem! Damn! Where's my blog?!

  8. All have mine have vanished on the site - but the Dashboard still records them all.

    Fingers very firmly crossed.

  9. same here, only one post out of 2000

    I hope it gets fixed or is not lost

  10. My blog is all weird too. No posts are gone, but several pages are showing the front page instead. Is something wacky going on with

  11. My stats page returns a 404-not found, but it looks like the posts are still there.

  12. Same to me.

  13. lettershometoyou

    I have lost a year's work except one post. What???

  14. I got scared too, I thought I'd done something wrong or whatever. But it's clearly some glitch with WP, we'll just have to wait til it gets sort out. :)

  15. I can't access my stat page - am getting the 404 error, too. There must be something wrong right now.

    For what it's worth, I've found that these errors are usually temporary and Support will fix them soon. Especially when there's a bunch of us having problems.

  16. I have multiple blogs in, and something very strange is going on in all of them: I can see the posts, but when I try to see static pages, all I see is those same posts again.

    Is the system database broken?

  17. Ditto. WTF?
    My blog now contains two columns of identical articles. My about page is gone. And all my individual posts have metamorphasized into individual pages on their own. Methinks a massive mainframe meltdown at WordPress.

  18. 3continentfamily

    I went to blog stats and got a very strange message....asking if I was lost??? My entire blog appears to be gone!!!!

  19. I tried to contact Support, but the contact page won't load. It goes to the most recent news post from WP.

  20. sarahmeyerwalsh

    mine too... what is going on?!!

  21. dandelionsalad

    Yes, my blog has only one older post that's available and I cannot view my Blog Stats page or do a search for anything as the one post is the only one that comes up. I could go to my Dashboard though. Hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks.

  22. I'm gonna export everything I have now, in the off chance it actually gets _worse_ over time and I potentially lose everything.

  23. Same here Keeps telling me I have to log in then boots me back to the main dashboard.

  24. Am having the same problem; blog stats won't show up. And the layout is acting really strange. Hopefully this will get resolved soon ....

  25. kevinjeffreysmith

    I'm having the blog stats issue. Maybe a code upgrade went awry?

  26. Mine is acting strangely, too, only one post on the front page, then they went back to normal - 404 for "friend surfer" page though. What's going on?

  27. same here.. i hope they'll fix it.

  28. I hope they will repair everything...

    The technology... is so... unpredictable... Today we have all... Tomorrow... nothing?

  29. kevinjeffreysmith

    Also, I have stats hooked up on my self-hosted blog - getting an "estats not found" message when I try to pull up the stats from the dashboard.

  30. Be calm. These glitches have happened in the past, and they are always fixed in a short time. Nothing will be lost, the good guys at have everything backed up.

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