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Got hacked

  1. I received an e-mail about 30 minutes or so ago, that I've posted a new blog entry, even though i didn't do anything online at that moment. And after that it sent this message about my new entry to all my e-mail contacts (even though it shouldn't), including myself, many times again and again until i logged into WP and moved the post into trash. Was it just random attack or is my account hacked? Where can I get help on this topic and how can these attacks be prevented?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Change your password at once.

    The only “hacked” sites I have seen here have been people getting the password somehow to a site so you do want to be careful how you log in and use a tough password.

    You should also check to make sure that someone has not added a new user to your site. Problems have also happened when there was more than one Admin. and an Admin left on less than graceful terms.

    Dashboard >> Users

    There have also been a few Posts on “hacked” sites and it was because someone got the Post by Email address and using the Post by Email to send in new Posts, if you have Post by email you can regenerate the address for that feature.

    You could also use a secure log-in in case you are on an unsecured link:

  3. Also if you set up post by email, go in and disable it and regenerate the email address it uses. Spammers have scripts that randomly generate email addresses and sometimes they get a hit on one of the email addresses used for post by email.

  4. Thank you for your replies. It was probably because of "Post by email", coz it was enabled due to the layout of new WP, that my laptop doesn't run necause of too many "reloads" and stuff. Anyway - I now disabled the feature to check if it was all for now.

    Thank you both!

  5. You are welcome.

  6. YOu be welcome & good luck

  7. I had a scare yesterday and thought my site was hacked. Thankfully I found the solution, and it was not the case.

    I started thinking, is it recommended to log out of my dashboard when I close down my computer, or step away for a few hours? I normally stay logged in.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. There have been several cases of people having their site "hacked" and what really happened was they left their computer turned on, logged in and not attended or had some sort of auto log-in and a "friend" or co-worker, upset SO, soon to be ex-SO etc got a free pass to the admin page - a couple of blogs deleted - several that had all the content deleted - sometimes the content was in the trash other times not in the trash.

  9. timethief - thank you for the valuable links. Now that I'm become more comfortable with blogging and had my first scare, I realized how upsetting it would be if I lost control of my blog (all those late nights and long hours trying to figure everything out). I've bookmarked the sites you provided. So much to learn!

    auxclass - thanks for the info. I only access my dashboard from home, but I have started to log off when I'm not actually in my dashboard.

  10. And don't forget to make backups. That way if they DO delete everything, you at least have a copy.

  11. @cravingthis
    You're welcome.
    (1) The Safe Bet - Use an Offline Blog Editor
    (2) Raincoatster's copy and paste work around
    (3) Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS Feeds
    (4) Periodically Export Backup Copies and Save them to Disc
    (5) Back-up using using Feedburner and Gmail

  12. Thank you so much for the additional tips raincoaster and timethief.

    I was typing all my posts in MS Word and saving them, along with images in a folder on my computer, which I back up regularly to an external hard drive. The cut and paste was tedious as I had to go to the end of each sentence hit backspace, and then do a shift + enter.

    I like Windows Live Writer and will give it a try.

    Thanks again. I really appreciate all the great tips!

  13. @cravingthis
    Here's theWindows Live Writer info link and you're welcome.

  14. Thanks again timethief - It was already installed on my computer and I didn't even know it! So glad you told me about it! My blog is less than 2 months old and it's great to find these things out early on. It's so much easier to write my blogs now!

  15. @cravingthis
    It's great to hear how well WLW is working for you - blog on!

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