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got hacked?

  1. I have the same thing !

  2. cakerockstheparty

    I hope so too. I have friends using blogger laughing at me.

  3. Same with mine, when i try to view my stats, it gives me "Page cannot be found"


  4. If it helps to track down the source of the problem, I was affected too.

  5. I exported and, suddenly, my About page, which was lost, now is found.

    Everything else (I mean everything) is gone.

    Either it's completely random, or they're working on restoring things.
    Very scary.

  6. Ah, correction, my posts and pages have been merged and a lot is missing, even on the dashboard.

  7. same here :( what's going on?

  8. missing 55 posts -- everything since july

  9. I am praying that all my posts are not lost. Seriously. I have everything in word format, but to have to repost everything could take days.

  10. My blog is totally scrambled. What's up

  11. Me too, everything except for one post on each blog is gone. Has WP said anything official about this yet?

  12. I'm curious: Are there good tools for exporting the content of a blog from While I agree that it's likely this will be fixed shortly, this is my first time with this sort of major glitch and it makes me want to back everything up. Any advice on backup/export tools would be appreciated.

  13. Add my blog to the roster of ones being weird. My posts seem to be there (knock wood) but the dashboard is definitely messed up.

  14. I'm having these problems as well.

  15. secondchancetolive

    I got back my baby. You Rock WordPress Staff!!!!

  16. And we're back! That was impressively fast.

  17. silverssimstuff

    Argh! Me too! Everything's gone but my About page... So it's just a bug? Thank God, I thought a certain thief had got my site taken down. Nearly having a heart attack here lol

    >I'm curious: Are there good tools for exporting the content of a blog from

    Yah, its under Manage > Export. It only exports the text though, images etc youll have to keep backups on your HD or wherever

    Lucky for me I did this just 20 mins before my blog went down hehehe

  18. Mine is back too!!! Is there such thing as a blog backup??? I would like to protect my blog form some future problems like this one...

  19. solved.

  20. Oopsss...!! my work is lost in a minute? :0(

    yep... am happy to see that even others face the same problem! Thank God :0)
    hehehehe ;) :D

    Bst Rdgs!

  21. Remember, WordPress posted:
    Theme Tuesday: ChaosTheory

  22. WordPress does have backups of the data that reaches the data center. However, just a short time ago bloggers lost the posts and their edits of posts when they clicked "save" or "publish" because the data did not make it to the data center.

    Hopefully all of you are backuping up your data by using an offline blog editor right from the moment you begin to write.

    Some of you bloggers have your usernames linked to your blogs and some do not. I'm thinking that it would be wise for everyone posting to this thread to post a link to the negatively affected blog.
    Please note the sticky post here

  23. All fixed, thank you, guys at WordPress for fixing this so quickly.


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