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  1. Hi,
    so I have my button in my side bar, now I want to have a code for others to use! First I have been trying to make a post of it, but is not working

    I have been doing things like... <img src="//”" width="”170”" height="”63”" alt="”Made To Worship" /> or

    <div align="center"> <img alt="TCBOTB" src=""/> </div> <div align="center"> <form><textarea rows="6" cols="20"><img alt="TCBOTB" src=""/></textarea></form> </div>

    With mine info substituted of course. when I preview it it looks fine but when I preview the page it does not show the code box just the code?????

    or actually with this it does not show at all? Then I was going to put it in my side bar of course but it does not work there either even with text widget
    AQny help would be nice.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This has been asked before. It's always a good idea to search the forums first.

    You want to read this article, it tells you how to create a "Grab My Button" code box

  3. I did first, that is how I got the first code.

  4. So Yes I did look there first,

    anyway I even tried this.....<div align=”center”>
    <form><textarea rows=”6″ cols=”19″ readonly=”readonly”><img src=””></textarea></form>

    and it still does not work. This is just example not mine but this one did not even work before I tried to make it my own.

  5. You read the post I'm linked you to above? It seems you didn't. In that article, I'm not using textareas.

  6. yes I tried this, this one is the first I did try, sorry for being a pain but..

    so this with my information will work??

    <img src=”URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE-FILE” width=”IMG-WIDTH” height=”IMG-HEIGHT” alt=”YOUR-BLOG-TITLE” style=”border:none;” />

  7. I put this in..<a title="”Made" href="””"><img src="””" alt="”Made" width="”100”" height="”100”" />” style=”border:none;” /></a>

    still no go?!

  8. Maybe the problem lies in the style border part... does that mean like the color you want it?

  9. whatdo I put here? style=”border:none;”

  10. @devblog
    Thanks for intervening and posting the link above. I have bookmarked it for future reference. :)

  11. Is the code I have in that article really hard to understand? I'm being serious. If the way I'm displaying the code is confusing, let me know... I do believe, however, that it's pretty plane and simple: copy & paste and replace whatever is in capital letters with your actual image file and blog URL.

    Anyway, give me some time and I'll create a temp post for you to copy the code.

    You're welcome!

  12. Here's the page where you can grab the code

    Please let me know once you've grabbed it so that I can delete the page. Thanks.

  13. The code is not that hard to understand. It's really quite simple and I don't know how to simplify that.

  14. Devblog, Now it worked! I do not know why it did not before, maybe something was missing in the code who knows.

    Thanks you very much for being a help. I was stuck on style border...

    anyway. THANK YOU!!!

  15. Please delete!!!

  16. Why?

    Only staff can delete threads in the forum, and they rarely do so. The idea is, someone else might have the same issue later, and they can read the solution.

  17. I think the OP was telling devblog he could delete the page on his blog.

  18. Ah, I see.

  19. Please delete your page I mean.


  20. I learn so much here. Thanks guys!

  21. Thank you guys.

    I'll go ahead and delete the page

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