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"Grab My Button" Code Generator

  1. Since there have been some people having problems using the Grab My Button code, I decided to write a "Grab My Button" Code Generator. This little web app will (hopefully) make things easier to people who can't get my code to work.

    You can customize the code box border, background, and code font colors to match your blog/website's; then, you can preview it to see how it will look like. All you need to do is enter the Title of your blog/website, its URL and the URL of the image you want to use, et voilà!

    Feedback/suggestions to improve it are always welcome.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Way cool.

  3. Sweet. Thanks. :)

  4. Let me ask this -- and it's probably really high on the dumb meter as far as questions -- what's a grab button? I actually went to it and generated a code and put it on my test blog. When I clicked on it, it simply led me back to my main blog.

    What is its purpose?

  5. You can “give out” the button to other people to put on their blogs. It’s basically like someone putting you on their blogroll but much more noticeable.
    @devblog - thanks for this. As soon as I get photoshop I will be making one for sure.

  6. Thank you!

  7. thanks for the answer. I now realize even more how dumb the question was. Well, at least I know know :)

  8. @devblog I tried your new grab button generator and when I past the code into the HTML editor and view it on my blog it shows my image instead of the code inside the container.

    Here is a screen shot of what looks like

    Here is the code your generator generated and inserted into the HTML editor via

    <pre style="background:#999999;border:solid 1px #666666;color:#000000;height:45px;overflow:auto;white-space:pre-wrap;width:90%;margin:auto;padding:10px;"><div align="center"><a href="" title="Teck~Line Lounge"><img src="" alt="Teck~Line Lounge" style="border:none;" /></a></div></pre>

  9. T3ck,

    I'm not sure what you're doing, but the code does work for me:

    I'll delete that page soon, so hopefully you'll see it on time.

    The code you should get from the page should look like this:

  10. @tishrei, not a dumb question! there are so many widgets and buttons, it's impossible to keep up. I'm new to this as well, so. I just looked up the Grab Me Button on Google to find a blog that has it to see what I looks like. Well, the first thing that came up was a tutorial with a button on a blog. It is a very cute button. Is it okay if I post the urls? blog:
    the blogger who made the buton:

  11. electricia1,

    My post explains that too:

  12. yes, thanks.. But when I clicked on your blog I did not see A Grab Me button embedded on your blog, . I had no idea what it is or what looks like, so I Googled to find out.

  13. @devblog...your photoblog is amazing. does it require CSS?

  14. your photoblog is amazing. does it require CSS?

    Thank you, Electricia.

    Well, since in all honesty I'm too lazy to develop my own theme, I use Sandbox which I just style using CSS.

  15. @Devblog Thanks I seen the page you created feel free to delete

    I'm still puzzled on this I copied the code from the generator site and pasted the code into the HTML editor via then saved the post and clicked preview post and I'm getting a image instead of the code in the container box.

    Here is what the code looks like on my dashboard via "HTML" editor mode

  16. Thanks t3ck,

    I pasted the code in one of my blogs where I have both RT and HTML enabled and I still don't get such problem.

    You are indeed clicking the Get Code button and getting the code from the textarea, right? Just double checking.

    I'll try the code using your theme... perhaps that's the culprit.

  17. oh, I just noticed you posted a link to a screenshot. What browser are you using?

    Notice the difference in my screenshot:

    Your code has "<" and ">" whereas mine has "& lt;" and "& gt;" (no space in both). Maybe your browser is rendering both as the formers?

  18. Hello Devblog I'm currently using Google Chrome Dev Build Version

    I will test out none Beta versions of Browsers today I will report my findings later today when I get back from my wife's parents Christmas party.

  19. Thank you, t3ck. I downloaded Google Chrome for the Mac and was able to replicate this. Don't know why the browser would render the special characters in the textarea... it shouldn't do it (like other browsers don't), that's why I'm using "escaping" the HTML entities so that they don't get rendered...

    If you test this in Fx you should see the difference. However, I will look into how to make this work on Chrome as well. Thanks for bringing this to me attention.

  20. Update

    The HTML entities rendering behavior is observed in browsers that use the WebKit engine (Safari and Chrome). I'll look into this and post an update whenever I have something.

  21. The bug in the generator has been fixed. Chrome and Safari should display the HTML entities as they should.

    Once more, I greatly appreciate you bringing this to my attention, T3ck.

  22. It's so cool how bloggers work together here to find solutions that work for all.
    Cheers! for devblog and T3ck. :)

  23. yes it is @ timethief everybody is so helpful, thats great for noobie bloggers like myself

  24. You're welcome Devblog Works like a charm now on the Google Chrome Browser Thank you for finding the rendering issue and for fixing it so fast.

    Thanks TT,

  25. Thanks Everyone!!!!!!! And thanks devblog.

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