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  1. Sauce Off aims to educate current and future students on life after graduation. If you are worried, excited, or even confused, Sauce Off is here to answer your questions – and remind you that you are not alone.

    We are currently looking for at least three more Post Grad bloggers to follow permanently, and many different articles to post. Do you have a good post grad story, or a comment on recent Post Grad related events? Interested parties should email Chris at [email redacted].

    Bloggers interested in writing permanently should submit a one-paragraph explanation of your Post Grad situation.
    Article submissions must not be longer than 650 words, and must be accompanied by a brief (2-3 sentences) summary of the author. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    This seems like an excellent blog. I've recently graduated in History, and while I'm waiting for something to come and drag me off to something more interesting, I'm currently stuck working at ASDA. Fun times, my friend, fun times! I probably wouldn't have that much that was interesting to write about, however. I've applied for an internship at my University, but that's about all the career development I've done so far! I hope you find some bloggers to write for you though :)

  3. theinsanityaquarium - thanks! If you do not feel like being a permanant blogger, we always have space for bloggers interested in writing 1-2 part articles on either their own situation, or certain advise they may have for other post grads/graduating seniors. Let me know if you're interested!

  4. i'd like to write an article for you if you want (a one time thing). ive been teaching english abroad since college and think its a great way to ride out the bad economy.

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