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Grammar typo that is driving me crazy

  1. In the profile edit screen of the Global Dashboard:

    "Don't share your API key, it's like a password."

    should read

    "Don't share your API key; it's like a password."

  2. Could it also be two separate sentences as well?

  3. Hell... you could use a full colon, or even a hyphen! Go nuts, live wild, use three periods!

  4. *lol* @ WithMalice's reply..

  5. *lol* I'm with WithMalice too. I don't sweat the small stuff. ;D

  6. lettershometoyou

    I agree with amymahon.

    The dreaded run-on-sentence drives me absolutely around the bend as well. But take heart, amy. At least they used it's in its correct form. That and confusing loose and lose are the two most common mistakes I come across in blogs. Amazing, considering how easy it is to tell them apart.

  7. Actually... two more that are even MORE frequent letters...
    The incorrect contraction (is it even a contraction at all???) of 'you are' into 'your'... and the use of 'good' as an adverb.

  8. bare and bear... sigh. =)

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