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Grammatical mistake in the German version

  1. In the German version there is a grammatically wrong sentence:
    Instead of "Empfehle deinen Artikel" you have to write "Empfiehl deinen Artikel".

    Thank you for your attention!
    Blog url:

  2. Thank you for paying attention!

    I have corrected the string:

    By the way: The translations on are made by the community. You can always help us to translate all the strings!

    If you spot more mistakes, please report them in the German support forum.

    Thank you again!

    Kind regards

    (moderator in the German support forum)

  3. We rely on volunteers for some of our translations, and that is done at

    It looks like that string is correct in our system here:

    There is additional information about how to help with translations here if you're interested or if you find another mistake in the future:

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