Grand Meetup 2018

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    Howdy Friends :)

    We hope everyone is doing well!

    Just a quick note to mention that the public support team is gearing up for some travel September 29th until October 6th.

    We will be at the Automattic, company-wide, Grand Meetup. The team is going to be in one timezone for the week. Normally we are spread out across the globe. Our response times may look a little different, but rest assured we are working to help everyone as we normally would.

    This weekend (Sept 29th and 30th) I suspect you’ll notice a change as we will be en route, some jet lagged, and focusing on some vital team discussions on Sunday Sept 30th.

    As always, we appreciate of you that help us here!

    All the best,

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for the heads up, hope you have a nice time! :)



    yeah really best service ever



    Nice Work,

    This type of meeting must be arranged quarterly. Because is most stable platform. No need to worry…..



    @bhatimcom If you are facing an issue with, please feel free to create your own thread and elaborate on the problem, then we’ll try our best to help you out. :)



    Oh my…I completely misread that as “not the most stable platform”…how embarrassing. Ignore me, sorry!

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