Graph time and date is incorrect

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    On my stats page, statistics for the next day are being tabulated before that day even has come yet. For example today is May 2nd, but my graph shows stats for May 3rd which hasn’t even happened yet. I set my time and date accurately, anyway to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Stats, and wordpress internally run on UTC/GMT time since people from all over the world use wordpress. The time and date that you set under settings > general will only control your publish dates/times shown on your blog posts and such.



    I see, there’s really no way to resolve this eh?


    No, but you do get a full 24 hours of stats for each day, it just starts and end at different times than your day, and in the end that actual start and end time mean little really. On my self-hosted blog for example I can see the break down of visitors by country and nearly 50% of my visitors come from countries other than the US where I live.

    You could install something like statcounter or sitemeter which allow you to set the timezone you want your stats to start and end by: .

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