Graphic Links Defaulting Back to Images?

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    Is there a problem with linking graphics to outside websites? I have the logos for a few companies that I am trying to link to their websites, only to have the links default back to the image url’s. I’ve edited the links in html also, but it doesn’t stick. Is this some kind of bug you’re hopefully working out? I haven’t found anything posted about this issue.

    The blog I need help with is



    Provided you have no exceeded any limits they set, There is not problem with linking to images that are being hosted on an image hosting site like Flickr or photobucket. Are you using this process or not?



    hotlink – A hyperlink to a resource on another server

    I just read what you posted above. Is what you are doing “hotlinking” to logo images hosted by from the other sites? If so then the default is occurring because you are “hotlinking”. If that’s the case then what you need to do is upload the images directly into to your various client’s sites.


    Actually, I think my question was misunderstood. I have the logos for a couple companies I’m endorsed by on my gear page, and I’m trying to link those logos to the sites (,, and, but they seem to default back to links to the logo images in my media folder.

    I have external keyword links in several places throughout my site, but on this page, I’m trying to make the logos the actual links, so when you click on the Epiphone logo, you go to their page. It doesn’t seem to be letting me do that for some reason.

    Thank you for the help! :)


    Well… gee, I went and tried it again, and now it took my changes and seems to be working. So never mind, but thank you again for the help! I don’t know why it was giving me such a problem yesterday.

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