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Graphic problems when changing themes?

  1. How graphically difficult is it to change a theme? Will it totally mess up the pictures and copy?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's easy and no data is ever lost.

    Will it totally mess up the pictures and copy?

    No. Unless your choose to use a theme that's considerably narrower in the posts column than the one you are using now there won't be any problems with the images.

    The widgets you use now will migrate to the Inactive Widgets box and you simply reinslall them in the sidebars/footers of new theme where you want them to appear.

  3. Do you mean to go from one theme to another, or to tinker with the CSS and customize an existing theme?

  4. He has Redoable Lite on this blog and there is no CSS upgrade in evidence on it.

  5. oops! I posted the wrong link.

  6. @tonyhedrick
    if you are asking about the site linked to your username then you are posting to the wrong support forum and must post to instead. For clarity please read >

    My answer above to you applies only to

  7. Raincoaster... just pretty much thinking that my present one is too unpredictable with fonts and so forth. I just don't want to move to another theme and have to re-jiggle 380 blogs.

  8. If you move to a theme with a different width in the content column then your formatting will change. It's not fatal.

    If you have hand-coded the font in your paragraphs, you may have a problem. One person hand-coded it to white text, then switched to a theme with a white background. He'd have had to edit, by hand, every paragraph on his blog, to change that.

  9. Raincoaster... Thanks and YIKES! Hadn't considered that one.

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