graphics on main page possible with Simpla?

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    I. The media section shows the photos I’ve downloaded but 1) I am not able to edit them (I’ve modifed pixel parameters but they still appear distorted), and , 2) I cannot seem to get them to the main page. Is this owing to the theme, i.e., Simpla?

    II. The way to completely disallow comments would be what? I’ve tried disabling comments but the main page STILL allows the comment box to open and post.

    Thanking you in advance.



    1) Edit? How? Once uploaded images are the way they are. You can resize them after they are inserted in the post or page, but that’s all.
    2) Does this help?

    If you have unchecked the box under the post editor that says Allow comments on this post the comment box should not show up.



    I am not able to edit them (I’ve modifed pixel parameters but they still appear distorted)

    “Edit? How? Once uploaded images are the way they are.”

    “Images are the way they are.” Imagine that!

    Are you getting huffy with me Husdal? OBVIOUSLY I was referring to the SIZE–right?

    If you are in no mood to answer my questions then don’t


    Can you give us a link to a post where this is happening?


    II. On the comments issue, if you want comments off for the entire blog from now on, go to settings discussion and turn comments off there. That will not turn comments off on posts made before you turned comments off globally though. What you will have to do is use the bulk edit feature at posts > edit to turn the comments off on older posts.



    I don’t think he’s getting huffy. I do not believe it is possible to edit pictures once they are uploaded. You can, however, edit them on your computer and then re-upload them.


    @4854derrida: Perhaps you didn’t notice that husdal gave you the link to the Support info page on images, where you’ll find all the basics on the matter.

    And husdal is right: editing an image is done in an image editing application (such as Photoshop), not in your blog. Once you upload an image to your blog, a copy of it is stored at wordpress, and you can’t really edit that copy: you can only set what version of it will display in your post (size, margins, etc.).

    Anyway, to do what you call editing, you must first insert the images in a post. To do that, you go to the post editor, click the “Add an Image” button, then click “From Computer” (to upload and insert images), or click “Media Library” (to insert images you have already uploaded via Media > Add New, which is what you have probably done, and which you needn’t do).

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