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    Hello everyone,

    It seems there is a problem with inserting graphics into a post. I just wrote a post and inserted a small jpg graphic (

    When I inserted the graphic I added horizontal and vertical spacing, but the spacing doesn’t show up on the page. It is in the editor, but missing on the page. I have also noticed that borders show up in the editor and vanish on the actual page.

    Any ideas? Or is this a bigger bug?





    Not sure what browser you’re using but I see spacing around the picture. I’m using IE 6.0.2900 here. Couldn’t tell you if it was 25 and 50 pixels though that I see in the code. Seems big enough though for it to be that size.

    Link to screen capture


    I am using Mozilla, but have Firefox and IE here, I’ll check those out too.


    Well you are right, it does render “properly” in IE. But the padding is gone in both Mozilla and the latest version of Foxfire. I wonder whose problem this is? :-)




    You mean something actually worked in a Microsoft product? Holy….

    Oh, duh. Vspace and Hspace are deprecated. That might be why. Here’s something that says XHTML 1.0 doesn’t support them at all and IIRC that’s what WP kicks out.



    You could also do it as a 3×3 table with the real image in the middle surrounded by whitespace.



    this theme author has defined that images should have a 0px (zero pixels) ‘padding’, ‘margin’ and ‘border’ in the CSS attached to it.

    while Opera and Gecko (rendering engine used in Mozilla based browsers) obey CSS, overriding <IMG> attributes. MSIE, instead, gives priority to the (still effect but deprecated by CSS) HTML 3.2 ‘tag soup’.

    it may be surprising, but that is why MSIE quite often gives more predicted results in many cases when using a

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