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Gravatar and WordPress

  1. I have had several attempts to try and sort this with WordPress, but sadly they are deaf to my pleas.

    I would like to use my Gravatar, but this is not possible given that it seems that a Gravatar is in fact a WordPress!

    I did not know this. With the recent changes, brought in will all the feeling of a draconian edict, I was caught short because I did not know that Gravatars and WordPresses were in fact interchangeable, and to post with a Gravatar means posting with a WordPress.

    I think in future that WordPress could be a little more transparent about their intentions. You live in a democracy after all, and whilst WordPress is no democratic organ, it should still live by the rules of a democracy.

    In future I will be posting without a Gravatar. I cannot do else.

  2. Yes, and are both Automattic sites. Are you referring to the Recent Update to Commenting changes?

  3. Is this an issue associated with your free hostde blog/ Mayt we please have a link to the blog if it is? Also can you please provide a detailed description of what you have experienced as I'm sure Staff will want to hear it and will take it into consideration.

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